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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My fingers feel all pulpy after recording yesterday and practicing with Shannon and Emily tonight. We got one and 3/4 songs into some semblance of an order. Still no lyrics for the first--but then it's a basic 12-bar blues in E that I taught them.

Eventually if this (or any rock and roll project I have) happens, I will need:

To learn power chords
To learn all the good minor chords
A decent guitar
A decent amp
Pedals! And learn how to use them.
Mic and boom stand
Digital 4-track recording system.

I've still got to re-record the songs I did yesterday, but my fingers feel too sore right now and we're practicing again at 7:30pm tomorrow. Hopefully between now and then I can get that down. I've also got to research that pesky second chord in the doo-wop progression. If a song's in the key of A, it's something like a G-minor or A-minor before it goes to the D and then to the E. I used to know it (!), but for some reason it escaped me tonight. I annoy me sometimes.

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