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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Record Party

Having woken up way too early--but for a good cause, I now sit inside on this cold, rainy day perusing, puttering, and playing with a portion of my own dusty, yet satisfying, belongings.

This morning after I got home, I pulled out my 78s and went through them. I knew I'd amassed a quite a few 78s from the King Records catalogue, but it's almost ridiculous when I go through them one by one.

I had to bid goodbye to one of my Cats and the Fiddle 78s; also a Chet Atkins one and a Johnny Maddox one. I refuse to face the fact that my Curt Barrett "Hey Bartender" has a hairline inner crac--especially as it's a great version and one of the older, cooler King Records label designs.

Today's 78 playlist:
Jack Cardwell on King Records
Jimmie Rodgers on Victor
Davis Sisters on RCA Victor
Roy Acuff on Columbia
Julia Lee on Capitol
Lucky Millinder on Decca
Joe Franklin on M-G-M
Slim Gaillard Trio on Cadet
Darrell Glenn & the Rhythm Riders on Valley
Joe Turner on Atlantic
Gene O'Quinn on Capitol (Promo of Boogie Woogie Fever and billed as Gene "O'Quin"!)
Little Jimmy Dickens on Columbia
Tommy Duncan on Intro
Lonnie Donegan on Mercury
the Melody Boys on Dixie
Cliffie, Merle, & Tennessee Ernie covering Delmore Brothers (on Capitol, of course)
Dinah Washington on Mercury
Johnny Bond on Columbia
Lefty Frizzell on Columbia
Curky Fox & Texas Ruby on King (Red Label)
Floyd Robinson on King (Red)
Little Willie John on King (Blue, of course)
Boyd Bennett & His Rockets on King (Blue Label)
York Brothers on King (Red Label)
Delmore Brothers on King (Red Label)

Today's 45 playlist:
Bennie Hess on Spade
Horton Brothers (for a giggle)
Umpteen European 45s given to me over the years that I haven't listened to yet
Skellett Trio on S-Bar-S
George Jones on Epic (HA! I love it)
Wanda Jackson (ummm, Capitol? heh)
Jack Scott on Carlton
Richie Valens on Del-Fi
Bernda Lee (Little Jonah) on Decca
Dave Dudley on Golden Wing
Barbara Lynn on Jamie
Charline Arthur on RCA Victor
The Cheers on Capitol
Nervous Norvus on Dot
Frankie Miller on Starday
Bonnie Guitar on Radio
Big Sandy & Los Straitjackets
The Hearts on Chess
George Riddle (Promo) on Starday
Don Cavalli on White Heat ('China Coast'/'Last Record Hop')
Link Wray (autographed by him AND his insane wife, Olive!)

Today I revel in rifling through my very own sneeze-inducing memorabilia that includes but is not limited to playing the above-mentioned records, reading my newly purchased copies of Punk, New York Rocker, and other 'zines from the 1970s and 80s. I will then start in on Ugly Things magazine (thanks, Steve!), and culminate appropritately with fuzzy slippers, hot tea and Banvard's Folly (again, thanks Steve!). I also found my "Parkside Varsity Cheerleaders" jacket that has "Caroline" embroidered on the front.

At some point today I will go over to Steve's and do all of this again, albeit in a slightly different capacity, such as with his sparkly company and partaking (in a ladylike manner) copious amounts of liquor.

Yay life!

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