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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My new record

I've got to get rolling on this. The response from those who have heard it has been utterly overwhelming!

Barbara from Get Hip loves it and wants to do something with me. I can hardly believe it. Hooray! But of course, this album is El Toro's (Mario's) so there won't be much they can do for this project. But then, I will soon have my new band together, and can always work up something for the future. The fact that any comparison to Gram Parsons was made thrills me to the core. Wow.

And then, last night I had dinner with my friend Laurie Gallardo who works at KUT. She asked me if I want to maybe play KUT live sometime, if she can get Jeff to agree to it. Ummm....YES???? Good lord.

Later this year, according to Laurie, I'll be on a "Before the Break" and probably another "Austin Music Minute" since she took it over. What a great friend! Hehe. If she ever runs for President, I will be her campaign slave, no doubt.

As for the record, I need to:

1) Talk to Mario and make sure El Toro is paying for extra recording sessions.
2) Get the music to D.B. Harris so he can listen.
3) Get together with Brennen Leigh so we can learn out "Daddy's Girl" and she can play her mandolin.
4) Get someone to write a good bio for the press packet.
5) Get some new photos done.
6) Make a list of "Thanks" to include at least Steve, Al Urban, Laurie, Rachel, DB Harris, Brennen Leigh, Beth Harrington, El Toro, etc.
7) Create my story--liner notes, etc.
8) Get a designer to create the cover.
9) Register my stuff with BMI.
10) Finish all my production notes.
11) Think of a good title.

12) About ten zillion other things that I am forgetting.

Something to be proud of! Woowoo!

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